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"I have never seen better posts than what Louis creates. I have been a fan of his furniture for over 20 years. My cat has NEVER touched another piece of furniture since bringing in his scratching posts. As a veterinarian, I refer my clients and my friends to Louis, all of whom are as impressed as I am!"
— Ann Marie B. Thiessen, DVM, Chambers Creek Veterinary Hospital

"I no sooner removed the slanted posts from the box, when our cat Pepe was already using them. He doesn't like any other scratching posts or cardboard scratchers. I'm so glad that I found you."
— J. K.

"My father-in-law gave us two Abyssinian kittens for a Christmas present, and we bought a tree for them from you 16 years ago. That tree is still in our room and looks fantastic. Over the years we have marveled at how it has survived 5 very active cats. Our cats live on your tree. They chase each other up and down on it, the nap on it, sleep on it, sunbathe on it, jump from it to the bed across the room and through it all it looks as wonderful as it did when we bought it. The true mystery is that we find little pieces of carpet on the floor each week from where they have aggressively attacked the tree and yet you can't tell where carpet has come off. So thank you for your wonderful craftmanship. You have made five kitties very happy and I'm sure there will be future kitties enjoying it too!"
—Blessings, Ann McColl

"Thank you for your Great Scratch Boards....Ginger, our cat, found the boards "immediately" and loves to sit/lay and scratch on them throughout the day...She uses all of them daily and knows that these are just for her....We have one in three rooms right now...the library, dining and living rooms; and will be contacting you for another board. They are well made...sturdy and I like that they have material on all my wood and carpeted floors are protected..."
—Carol Weidig from Portland, OR

"Wanted to let you know that after you left, both Chardonnay and Merlot thoroughly investigated their new "townhome". Both love it! It was the best thing I could have purchased for them."
—Kathy Dolphin

"Just wanted to let you know that the kitties LOVE the climbing pole! IT LOOKS GREAT!!! The Bigfoot Gang says 'Meow, Trill trill, and chirp chirp!' That is their way of saying THANK YOU!!! I call them the Bigfoot gang since they are all from Bigfoot Maine Coon Cattery in Woodinville."
—Lynne Glaser