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Bed Posts

Bed Posts can be customized with a single bed, cradle, or shelf, OR multiples/variations of each, depending on the style. (See also CD30 and CE30 round posts on the Single Posts page.)

D post with bed
D Post with Bed
D 30" straight post w/bed $175
D-1 36" post w/bed + shelf $275
D-2 48" post w/bed+2 shelves $325
D-3 60" post w/bed+3 shelves $375
D-4 48" post w/bed+2 cradles $400
D-5 64" post w/bed+3 cradles $445
D-6 64" w/bed+2 cradles+barrel $455
E post with cradle
E Post with Cradle
E 30" straight post w/cradle $135
E-1 30" st. post w/cradle+shelf $155
E-2 30" slant post w/cradle $145
E-3 30" slant post w/bed $185
E-4 30" st. post w/2 shelves $135
G post with square bed
G Post with Square Bed
G 30" straight post with square bed $200
G-2 48" straight post with square bed + 2 shelves $350
H post with bed and ramp
H Post with Bed and Ramp
H 30" straight post with bed and ramp $265
J with two posts, barrel and top shelf
J Double Post, Barrel & Shelf
J 32" ht. w/2 round posts, barrel and top shelf $230
  • Carpet color and availability may vary
  • Any post can be made entirely of sisal (no carpeting)
  • Custom and larger pieces available for larger breeds, such as Maine Coon
  • Variations available on most models
  • Call for pricing on these options—must be special ordered
  • Wholesalers—call for pricing/catalog
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